Three  VINTAGE French Advertising Fans
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Three VINTAGE French Advertising Fans

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Product description

Dimensions: 13 1/3″ L X 7 1/2″H

France 1951

Signed, Herreros '51.  This advertising fan was for a French musical called “Madrid Est Ainsi” with music by Breton Et Lemberg, and Roduction by No-DoMadrid.  It has wonderful comic drawings and looks like it was a wonderful production.

Condition: Very Good; Some very very very very slight wear along the top edge

Dimensions: 9 1/2″ L X 12″H (OPENED)

France 1900-1930

These two advertising fans open up wit pick tissue inside, but are much more interesting when closed.

Condition: Cointreu Very Good;  Cinzano is a little worn in places

Dimensions: 11 1/4″ L X 8 1/2″H

France Circa 1910

Made in Bordeaux, France by R.C., This anisette is a lost brand, only to be remembered by this advertising fan with the front image of an American Indian watching a stage coach, ontesnsibly in the American West at sunset.  The image does not compute with the product which makes it very interesting.  Indeed !

Condition: Very Good; Some Wear @ Edges; Stain Along the Back Edge

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